Combatting Elephant Poaching: An Overview

Combatting Elephant Poaching: An Overview On safari in South Africa, I was able to witness firsthand several elephants in their natural habitat playing by a watering hole. Sitting there, I was overwhelmed by their presence; they had a certain air about them, an overpowering calmness that radiated towards our Jeep. I watched as one ofContinue reading “Combatting Elephant Poaching: An Overview”

50 Days to Save the African Rhino

50 Days to Save the African Rhino Rhino poaching is not a local problem anymore; it is a global issue. Five young people from around the world came to South Africa to work together and make a difference. They had 50 days to raise global awareness and funds to help save the African rhino fromContinue reading “50 Days to Save the African Rhino”

Our First Internship For 2015

Our First Internship For 2015 Our first internship for 2015 is in full swing. The new interns have settled in well, everyone enjoys living among wildlife and their conservation journey is becoming more personal as their bond with nature grows.

The elephant orphans of Kenya

The elephant orphans of Kenya Prior to joining Youth 4 African Wildlife, I had the privilege of spending five days in Nairobi, Kenya with Edwin Lusichi, head keeper of David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. For more than 15 years, Edwin has been part of the DSWT team, rescuing orphaned baby elephants that have been victimized byContinue reading “The elephant orphans of Kenya”

How #BringBackOurElephants Can #BringBackOurGirls

How #BringBackOurElephants Can #BringBackOurGirls I have long been interested in environmental conservation, but only recently have I truly been able to begin working in the field of conservation education. This past year I taught at a bilingual school in Spain: it was technically an internship, but due to the fact that I was the firstContinue reading “How #BringBackOurElephants Can #BringBackOurGirls”

To Serve and Protect

To Serve and Protect We’ve been at the reserve for just under two weeks now, and the team seems to have established itself as something as a constant. Though various families and groups of friends have come to visit and left again after a few days, we stay and continue working on our projects andContinue reading “To Serve and Protect”

Barbarians at Ivory’s Gate

Barbarians at Ivory’s Gate “Africa’s human and natural resources have been pillaged and plundered for generations by people from far off lands. Our elephant ivory and rhino horn are going to countries where they are used for God knows what! Only to satisfy ridiculous outdated beliefs whilst we remain with carcasses, as proof we onceContinue reading “Barbarians at Ivory’s Gate”

The “Inconvenient” luxury of endangered wildlife in Asia

The “Inconvenient” luxury of endangered wildlife in Asia parallax WcMgcq Lobbyists advocating to legitimise rhino horn trade generally do not examine the use of rhino horn in Asia in terms of it being a luxury goods product. With a record 1004 rhinos killed in South Africa in 2013, rhino horn sells for as much asContinue reading “The “Inconvenient” luxury of endangered wildlife in Asia”