Combatting Elephant Poaching: An Overview

Combatting Elephant Poaching: An Overview On safari in South Africa, I was able to witness firsthand several elephants in their natural habitat playing by a watering hole. Sitting there, I was overwhelmed by their presence; they had a certain air about them, an overpowering calmness that radiated towards our Jeep. I watched as one ofContinue reading “Combatting Elephant Poaching: An Overview”

Barbarians at Ivory’s Gate

Barbarians at Ivory’s Gate “Africa’s human and natural resources have been pillaged and plundered for generations by people from far off lands. Our elephant ivory and rhino horn are going to countries where they are used for God knows what! Only to satisfy ridiculous outdated beliefs whilst we remain with carcasses, as proof we onceContinue reading “Barbarians at Ivory’s Gate”