50 Days to Save the African Rhino

50 Days to Save the African Rhino Rhino poaching is not a local problem anymore; it is a global issue. Five young people from around the world came to South Africa to work together and make a difference. They had 50 days to raise global awareness and funds to help save the African rhino fromContinue reading “50 Days to Save the African Rhino”

Is it time to move rhinos to safe havens?

Is it time to move rhinos to safe havens? The sun began to set during the cool evening, stretching a golden hue over the African sky. I put down my camera to soak in the magnificence that lay before my eyes, a gift from nature. The sunlight reflected against their silhouettes, radiating tones of silverContinue reading “Is it time to move rhinos to safe havens?”

Attachment Effects of Poaching

Attachment Effects of Poaching I am fascinated by the human psyche. I studied psychology for six years, two of which were from a family systems context during my postgraduate studies. As I delve into the natural world and experience the beauty of wildlife, I have enjoyed learning about the psychological and emotional aspects of animals,Continue reading “Attachment Effects of Poaching”

Civilization not so civilized

Civilization not so civilized The weeks spent working on conservation at ground level flew by like hours. The time to leave the veldt and head back to the big bad city had come. A few minutes following my return to civilization I noticed my breathing patterns were slightly different and a throbbing headache was startingContinue reading “Civilization not so civilized”