The only way to remove the rhino poaching weed is by uprooting it.

The only way to remove the rhino poaching weed is by uprooting it. Growing up in the rural parts of South Africa and helping out in my grandmother’s garden I learned at an early age that the best way to get rid of weeds was to pull them out by the roots. My grandmother beingContinue reading “The only way to remove the rhino poaching weed is by uprooting it.”

Earth does not need us

Earth does not need us The world is like a living being. Like the cells, tissues, and organs of a certain organism working together to keep that organism alive so do the various components of the Earth. From microorganisms to elephants and their ecosystems right through to super-organisms, they all contribute as either cells, tissuesContinue reading “Earth does not need us”

How #BringBackOurElephants Can #BringBackOurGirls

How #BringBackOurElephants Can #BringBackOurGirls I have long been interested in environmental conservation, but only recently have I truly been able to begin working in the field of conservation education. This past year I taught at a bilingual school in Spain: it was technically an internship, but due to the fact that I was the firstContinue reading “How #BringBackOurElephants Can #BringBackOurGirls”

Rhino and moon are leaving us

Rhino and moon are leaving us Having rhinos and the moon in the same sentence sounds like some far-fetched fairy tale that Disney dreamt up. Truth is though; there is a similarity between the two as they are both leaving us albeit due to different reasons.  As things currently stand this is a fairy taleContinue reading “Rhino and moon are leaving us”

To Serve and Protect

To Serve and Protect We’ve been at the reserve for just under two weeks now, and the team seems to have established itself as something as a constant. Though various families and groups of friends have come to visit and left again after a few days, we stay and continue working on our projects andContinue reading “To Serve and Protect”

Mozambique’s hand in rhino poaching

Mozambique’s hand in rhino poaching When Mozambique’s civil war ended over 2 decades ago it left the country with socio-economic problems plus a cache of firearms that were used during the fighting. The country is currently one of the poorest in the world with about 60% of the population living in extreme poverty including ex-soldiersContinue reading “Mozambique’s hand in rhino poaching”

In the Rough

In the Rough The past few days have been pretty intense. I’ve been feeling a lot of things, sometimes feeling my way through the dark. First with the film classes: Marius Van Straaten has been teaching us his tricks, possibly all the tricks in the book, so we can get the best footage and theContinue reading “In the Rough”

Everybody Poops

Everybody Poops We’ve been so lucky so far. We saw four white rhinos the very first game drive, a circus of elephants (the technical term for a group) in the evening the next day, and a cheetah in the next morning. We’ve also been lucky with the people, who have taught us a great dealContinue reading “Everybody Poops”

My First Day in the Bush–A Dream Come True

My First Day in the Bush–A Dream Come True Today I entered the Bush for my very first time in what I know will be the first of many over the course of my life. I am lucky enough to be a part of a beautiful group, Youth 4 African Wildlife, that is spending 6Continue reading “My First Day in the Bush–A Dream Come True”

From one Generation to the Next

From one Generation to the Next Finally, we are on the road to the reserve. The ride has been fairly unremarkable. There have been no incidents and no drama, only continuous scenery of grasslands sparsely dotted with trees as far as the eye can see: with the exception, of course, of the mountain Fortunate toldContinue reading “From one Generation to the Next”