The Matriarch

The Matriarch Everyone needs a personal connection to wildlife in order to get involved. Since I was little, I’ve wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of animals: and here, I am sharing with you why I want to make that difference. I could list many reasons why elephants and rhinos are importantContinue reading “The Matriarch”

In the Rough

In the Rough The past few days have been pretty intense. I’ve been feeling a lot of things, sometimes feeling my way through the dark. First with the film classes: Marius Van Straaten has been teaching us his tricks, possibly all the tricks in the book, so we can get the best footage and theContinue reading “In the Rough”

From one Generation to the Next

From one Generation to the Next Finally, we are on the road to the reserve. The ride has been fairly unremarkable. There have been no incidents and no drama, only continuous scenery of grasslands sparsely dotted with trees as far as the eye can see: with the exception, of course, of the mountain Fortunate toldContinue reading “From one Generation to the Next”