Video: Botswana’s Future Conservation Heroes

Video: Botswana’s Future Conservation Heroes We went to Botswana with the aim of teaching conservation education and what we learned about children from disadvantaged communities was contrary to popular belief. These children were extremely smart, they had passion for wildlife, and also understood conservation issues. We learned that a large part of conservation education wasContinue reading “Video: Botswana’s Future Conservation Heroes”

Botswana’s Future Conservation Heroes

Botswana’s Future Conservation Heroes by Darian Hall & Fortunate M. Phaka We had the honour of being hosted by Limpopo-Lipadi nature reserve at their research house for 6 nights during July 2016. The main purpose of our visit was to join the reserve‚Äôs conservation education program as educators to 5 learners that were also affordedContinue reading “Botswana’s Future Conservation Heroes”

The evolution of a conservation intern

The evolution of a conservation intern By Fortunate M. Phaka parallax WcMgcq Everyone involved in conservation has a story of how it all began. Some had passion for wildlife and it translated into a lifelong dedication. Some got involved after finding out that our destruction of the environment eventually affects our wellbeing. Others got involvedContinue reading “The evolution of a conservation intern”