The evolution of a conservation intern

The evolution of a conservation intern By Fortunate M. Phaka parallax WcMgcq Everyone involved in conservation has a story of how it all began. Some had passion for wildlife and it translated into a lifelong dedication. Some got involved after finding out that our destruction of the environment eventually affects our wellbeing. Others got involvedContinue reading “The evolution of a conservation intern”

The Rhino’s Last Shot

The Rhino’s Last Shot Most efforts to save rhinos from extinction have been focused on protection and taking out the poaching foot soldiers; the people responsible for shooting rhinos and hacking off their horns. The rhinos’ last shot in race against extinction could be demand reduction campaigns, stricter laws and political will by concerned governments.

The Sixth Extinction–Changing Our Ways Now

The Sixth Extinction–Changing Our Ways Now People and wildlife will always have to compete for resources and space as long as people reside in areas where animals are also present. Some civilizations have had conflicts with the local wildlife, either from competing for resources or because of risks with livelihoods. Prime examples of wildlife skirmishesContinue reading “The Sixth Extinction–Changing Our Ways Now”