Press Release: Johannesburg March for Elephants and Rhinos

Press Release
On Heritage Day, Saturday 24th September 2016  the seventeenth meeting of the conference of the parties to CITES (COP17) the world’s largest wildlife conference, opens at the Sandton Convention Centre. 
With its 183 members CITES remains the world’s most powerful tool in the conservation, through the regulation of the international trade of over 35000 species of our wildlife.  Delegates will cast votes during this conference that will impact the fate of our most endangered species such as the Elephant, the Rhino and the Lion.  The conference dates are 24th September – 5th October.
We need a massive global voice to ask these delegates to vote for the strictest possible protection of our endangered species.  In both 2014 and 2015 more than 140 cities around the world participated in the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos campaigns. GMFER is an internationally registered non profit organisation; according to the experts these marches and events keep pressure on political leasers to protect the world’s most vulnerable species.  This year’s events are poised to be the largest unified global demonstration of its kind with over 145 cities taking part.
GMFER is calling upon the CITES delegates to vote in support of APPENDIX 1 and to vote AGAINST TRADE,  affording our Elephants and  our Rhinos the most protection possible.   GMFER believes that it does not matter which data you choose to look at there is no denying that the keystone species of elephants, rhinos and lions are heading towards extinction.  Killing the demand for both Ivory and Rhino Horn is the key to their absolution.
The founder of GMFER Rosemary Alles with core strategists Dex Kotze and Megan Carr have organised the event in Johannesburg.  They have garnished the support of many local and international conservation organisations.  The Johannesburg event starts  on the 24th of September, at 8am in George Lea Park cnr Sandton Drive and William Nicol Drive.  The peaceful, fun event is open to the general public, there is no cover charge everyone is welcome.

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