Prevention Measures –

– Vanina Harel  Elise Daffue founded in 2010 primarily as an informative web-based platform about rhino poaching, the syndicates and the characteristics of the demand. However, they started getting involved in fundraising not much later as more and more people got involved and wanted to help. StopRhinoPoaching was elected best NGO of the year

A Needle in a Haystack

– Steven Kiley  The rhino YPO Interns have successfully completed a 2 month stay in South Africa and Botswana.  Loads of challenges have brought us new insights into the conservation and preservation of our planet in general.  Unique ways of seeing how one can help and what nations internationally can pursue are all components that

Predators and Prey

– Natalie Lapides A few nights ago, as we drove back to camp after a long day of rhino tracking, we spotted a wild dog killing an impala.  The impala lay slumped at the side of the road, injured but alive.  Our car had startled the wild dog as we drove by, and he trotted

The Orphanage Angels

– Taz Watson We had the privilege of spending the day with rhino rehabilitation expert, Karen Trendler, who rehabilitates orphaned rhino calves until they are strong enough to reenter the wild. Karen has had over 25 years experience in wildlife rehabilitation and crisis response. She is an angel that nurtures and cares for injured, abused

PTSD in Rhinos?

– Amanda Levine Elephants are known to be extraordinarily intelligent creatures. It has now been scientifically proven that elephants are smarter than we give them credit for with brains relatively similar to that of a human. In an article written by Charles Siebert for National Geographic, Seibert explains, “MRI scans of an elephant’s brain suggest

Why the Demand for Rhino Horn?

– Taz Watson One of the biggest challenges with rhino horn is that there are multiple end-users. We are up against a complex and extremely difficult market because it is expansive and constantly changing.  Each poaching crisis has had different end-users, a different market and different uses. It changes all the time. Just when you

The Economics of Rhino Horn Trade

– Steven Kiley  Rhino poaching has become a sophisticated, underground market from poachers on the ground to middlemen transporting the horns out of the country, all the way up to the top lord distributing the product to an end user.  I have to continuously remind myself that this is happening every single day not far

As Long As They Fight, We Will Fight.

– Vanina Harel  After a very interesting interview with Elise Daffue, founder of, I feel like people should be reminded that this is not a hopeless cause. It is very easy to get depressed by the statistics. The current situation for the rhinos is very bad and the activities out there are cruel. However,

The Essential Protectors of Our Rhinos

–  Natalie Lapides We made it to Botswana!  We’re in Limpopo Lipadi Game and Wilderness Reserve, just over South Africa’s border. The upper part of the reserve where we’re staying has no lions, elephants, or rhinos.  This means it’s safe to go for runs, so I’ve been running every morning before breakfast.  I always get

Rhino Horns

– Amanda Levine Rhinos have evolved to have horns for a purpose. They were not created for humans to manipulate, they were intended for a purpose that is necessary to the living standard and survival of the creature. This is an overview of how rhinos use their horns, and the methods that conservationists use to deter poachers

Thorn Amongst Roses.

– Steven Kiley  As I am approaching one month since I’ve left the United States, many great opportunities and adventures have come and gone.  From anti-poaching watches in bitter cold overnight conditions to blistering hot rhino tracking, our group has experienced some of the greatest scenarios when it comes to helping protect the rhinos.  Some

A Scary Reality

– Vanina Harel  We are now well into this war against rhino poaching, and it is a tough challenge to tackle. The poachers we are up against are professionals. They are highly organized criminal syndicates recently proven to be linked to terrorist groups. They are so ahead of us due to their complex system, advanced

Why do I care about the rhinos?

– Morty Ortega. Associate Professor, Wildlife Ecologist, Department of Natural Resources and the Environment, University of Connecticut. While visiting a local elementary school in South Africa, one of my students asked a nine year old child about his dreams for the future and how he planned to carry them out.  His answer was completely unexpected and

Keeping Track.

– Natalie Lapides. We went on a few bush walks to learn about tracking (both people and animals), as well as spent a night in the bush on poacher patrol this week.  Both clearly demonstrated how difficult—physically and mentally—it is to track and stop poachers. For our tracking exercises, we spent one morning tracking rhinos,

New Respect.

– Taz Watson I have developed a new respect for the rangers and individuals who sacrifice not only their time and energy, but their sleep, their comfort, and their safety to protect our precious rhinos. We were given a challenge – one that sounded a lot easier to us at the time than it actually

Anticipation of the Unknown

– Steven Kiley It’s approaching 3 weeks in the African bush and I’m happy to report that our group still has a variety of activities yet to accomplish.  Coming to Africa from the mid-west of the United States brought a slightly significant culture shock, but I quickly adapted to the unpredictable routine of being at

Save Our Rhino

– Vanina Harel I strongly believe that the rhino is one of the most incredible creatures on earth. It is not a very pretty or elegant creature at first sight. However, it only took me a week of observing them in their natural habitat to find out how easy it is to get attached to

A Rhino Calf’s Prayer

A RHINO CALF’S PRAYER By Yolande van de Merwe   Oh Lord, I pray for your mercy I won’t survive on my own. where do I go, where do I hide, I’m confused and scared and alone. I still hear the gunshots ringing Lord a burning pain real and true, but I have to keep

Letting Nature Be.

Natalie Lapides Yesterday, we went on a long drive up the mountain!  We stayed there for lunch, making it a solid 7-hour game drive (with a few stretching breaks outside the car).  We got to see the rhino that live up at the top, whose horns are much longer than the rhino who live at

My Story

Vanina Harel My story starts in July 2012, when I graduated from University with a degree in Biology. By then, I had to make my mind up about what I was going to do with my life and I obviously still had no idea. Going through my potential options with my degree I considered research,

Success = Ambition

Steven Kiley I joined the YPO Rhino Global Awareness internship around 4 months ago when I was planning my summer schedule, as university was breaking for summer.  The Young President’s Organization has time and time again planned expeditions around the world for good causes, creating a real global impact.  The stop rhino poaching internship caught

A Unique and Important Opportunity

I applied to this internship because it seemed unique and interesting, not knowing what to expect, even after I accepted the place offered to me.  I have always felt strongly about sustainability and protecting wildlife, so it seemed like a perfect opportunity. I greatly value being able to contribute to this important conservation work, and


Amanda Levine Various factors motivated my desire to be involved in this internship, but it all started when I traveled to Zambia and Botswana with my family and some friends last summer. In Zambia we stayed at a “wilderness” hotel out in the bush. One day while out on a safari, our guide drove us

Making Sense of Imbalance

Taz Watson I am a deeply compassionate person. It is something that I credit my parents for. Both noteworthy animal lovers, they taught us from a very young age to respect, protect and care for animals. My 2 brothers and I grew up with several pets – mostly a hoard of bounding dogs, whom we