A Once in a Lifetime Conservation Safari Experience

Shared via Africa Geographic. The best safari is when you make a real difference during your travels. Imagine combining the splendour of those breathtaking African sunsets with outstanding Big 5 encounters and contributing to conservation solutions for Africa. Conservation’s need for innovation and tourism’s efforts to be more responsible have given rise to an immersive

5 Ways Nature Can Help Youth to Beat Anxiety

5 Ways Nature Can Help Youth to Beat Anxiety – by Marcus Clarke Anxiety is frequent experienced by many people in the busy world in which we live. Research have uncovered that the most likely time for a person to develop an anxiety disorder is during childhood and adolescence. According to the National Institute of

Video: SAVE! Africa Needs Your Help

Youth 4 African Wildlife intern and Mexican national Luly Alvarez beautifully summarizes her time as a volunteer intern in Africa and what she has learned about Africa’s conservation challenges. Save! Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qv2CUsFK6cI

Now or Never Future Conservation Heroes

The Now or Never Future Conservation Heroes competition is in full swing. Learners from 2 high schools in the Mthimkhulu community are writing essays about the importance of conservation to their community and schools. Winners of this essay writing competition will get an all expenses paid stay at a nearby nature reserve. The winners will

Bloodline: Now or Never (Official trailer)

Bloodline: Now or Never described as; “a hard-hitting fictional take on the international rhino horn trade”, is the first fictional action movie centered around the rhino poaching crisis. Gabriel (played by Tariku Bogale) wants to stop the international trade in illegal wildlife products. Tariku is determined to make a difference in the real-life fight against

Now or Never African Wildlife Trust (Official Launch)

Now or Never African Wildlife Trust -NPC A NEW wildlife organisation has launched with the aim of saving EVERY SINGLE surviving rhino or elephant victim of poaching. The Now or Never African Wildlife Trust (NNAWT) http://www.now-or-neverafrica. org/) brings together key players in the war on poaching with a masterplan to create 10 safe havens across

The legal racketeering of ivory

The history of the ivory trade since the colonial era paints a depressing picture about the fate of elephants. Between 1860 and 1920 roughly 33,000 tonnes of ivory were shipped from Africa to the British Empire – the equivalent of 1.1 million elephants. Approximately 100,000 elephants were slaughtered per year in Africa from 1850 to

The Silent Giants of Tsavo

Tsavo National Park in Kenya is probably on every wildlife enthusiast’s bucket list. Renowned for its stories of man-eating lions, and admired for its famous elephants covered in red dust and the Critically Endangered hirola, a trip to Tsavo imbues tranquility in the African wilderness with the prospect of observing big tuskers in their natural environment. Spanning

CITES Parties Failed African Lions at CoP17

by Fortunate M. Phaka The more than 180 nations that are party to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) must be commended for some tough decisions they have taken in the past. These are decisions that have contributed immensely to protection of endangered wildlife from the illegal

Press Release: Johannesburg March for Elephants and Rhinos

Press Release On Heritage Day, Saturday 24th September 2016  the seventeenth meeting of the conference of the parties to CITES (COP17) the world’s largest wildlife conference, opens at the Sandton Convention Centre.  With its 183 members CITES remains the world’s most powerful tool in the conservation, through the regulation of the international trade of over

Video: Botswana’s Future Conservation Heroes

We went to Botswana with the aim of teaching conservation education and what we learned about children from disadvantaged communities was contrary to popular belief. These children were extremely smart, they had passion for wildlife, and also understood conservation issues. We learned that a large part of conservation education was connecting conservation to people’s lives.

Botswana’s Future Conservation Heroes

by Darian Hall & Fortunate M. Phaka We had the honour of being hosted by Limpopo-Lipadi nature reserve at their research house for 6 nights during July 2016. The main purpose of our visit was to join the reserve’s conservation education program as educators to 5 learners that were also afforded the privilege of spending

I am Cecil. I am Africa

I am Cecil. I am Africa. I am a lion. I battle to grasp man’s relentless exploitation and injury to this beautiful world, the manipulation over centuries, with no end in sight. I have to ask, probe, and dissect; yet I fail to understand. Man cannot change his past, but he can shape his future.

What the world thinks I do. What family thinks I do. What I really do; I’m a conservationist.

Written by: Fortunate M. Phaka What the world thinks I do. To the world I am a hopeless romantic head over hills in love with anything wild. My love is unconditional, always willing to lay my life on the line to save that one ancient tree or that rare butterfly. The world sees me as

The Internship With A Difference

Gain hands-on conservation experience while living in the South African bushveld. Chosen candidates will also acquire photography and filmmaking skills, and learn how to use those skills in combination with social media to raise awareness of the plight of Africa’s endangered wildlife. This internship also imparts valuable team-building and leadership skills to the young adults

The Southern African Drought and Its Flood of Dilemmas

The recent Southern African drought is considered one of the worst the region has ever experienced. Besides accelerated climate change there are other factors that contribute to worsening the effects of this particular drought. Some of these include water infrastructure that does not keep up with the region’s rapidly growing population and developments that confine

An apology to future generations

An apology letter to future generations poetically delivered by Prince Ea. If we don’t change our attitudes towards the environment and the world in general, we will only have an apology to offer future generations. “Sorry for all the destruction.” Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRLJscAlk1M

Young South Africans march for a better future

by Fortunate M. Phaka 03 October 2015: Young South Africans from all walks of life filled the busy streets of Sandton and demanded a stop to the injustices associated with poaching and canned lion hunting. Traffic was brought to a standstill as they marched in protest for a better future for them and countless animals

Ivory Road: Will elephants be extinct by 2025?

Will elephants be extinct by 2025? Ivory road explains how the road leads to elephant collaring being such a necessary measure. It talks about what the road ahead looks like for African elephants. Ivory road gives a brief summary of the elephant poaching crisis and possible ways of stopping the rampant illegal trade in ivory.